Pepcid® (famotidine) for autistic spectrum disorders

This section of Dr. Linday's web site contains information on Pepcid® (famotidine) for the treatment of children with autistic spectrum disorders.

This research is presented in an article entitled "Famotidine treatment of young children with autistic spectrum disorders: Pilot research using single subject research design," published in the Journal of Neural Transmission 2001, Volume 108, Number 5, pages 593-611. The authors are LA Linday, JA Tsiouris, IL Cohen, R Shindledecker, and R DeCresce.


The information provided on this web site is for educational purposes only; it is a general reference for healthcare consumers and providers, not a prescription for any single individual. A high dose of famotidine (Pepcidâ) was used in this research; treatment with this high dose should only be undertaken under the direction of your/your child's prescribing physician. Please print this information and give it to your/your child's prescribing physician to determine whether this treatment is indicated for you/your child. Please be aware that the use of famotidine to treat children with autistic spectrum disorders is considered "off-label" use in the United States (US) because the US Food and Drug Administration has not specifically approved famotidine either for use in children or for the treatment of autistic spectrum disorders. This web site is not affiliated with Merck & Co., Inc. Any opinions expressed on this web site are Dr. Linday's, and do not necessarily reflect those of her affiliated institutions.

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